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Thursday, November 19, 2009


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Jodi Schneider

I love the term "Information Engineering".

What about something simpler:

* Helping people find the info they need, and how to use it
* Helping design better *systems* for conveying and using information

What am I missing?

Could this be further summarized by "improving info workflows"? Maybe that's too simplistic!


@Jodi: thanks for the comment, but to me, your description looks too static and too much like describing library science (which is one the one thing that's well-known to restrict our concept of information and services way too much). maybe i am reading a bit too much into the two points you're listing, and elevator pitches are always problematic because they're short, but my goal would be to come up with something that very clearly has a wider scope than library science. it should be more dynamic, wider in the scope of settings it is looking at, and less centralized in the approaches to how it is developing architectures and systems for these settings.

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