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Sunday, June 28, 2009


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Katherine Ahern

I would be particularly interested in a summary of the findings of the W3C incubator group, and if I can help organize in any way let me know!

Dirk Ahlers

Short answer: yes, of course.
Slightly longer answer: Yes, location continues to be a hot topic as you pointed out and the contributions to the past workshops were very interesting.
I would look forward to submit some of my work and also to help out as PC.
Maybe an oscillation between WWW and CHI would be good to gather influences from both communities and establish LocWeb further. If you prefer a longer roundtrip, which geo-focused conference do you have in mind? But for the overall goal, I would rather prefer to bring location (and Web) into different topics, not bring the Web (and location) towards location topics, but I am willing to be convinced.


I have only recently learned of the LocWeb workshops. For that reason, yes! I'd love to attend LocWeb 2010.

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