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Monday, March 16, 2009


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Sean Gillies

I disagree with the use of the "simple" GeoRSS profile, which is a gateway to bad practices like multiple locations, but otherwise this is great work.


@sean: thanks for your comment, and you're absolutely right that the guidelines should say that agencies should not use more than one location, if they decide to use GeoRSS. or if agencies were allowed to put in more than one location (maybe one for a point, and one for a polygon for more advanced spatial representations), then these would have to be qualified (but that is currently not allowed by GeoRSS, i am afraid).

which brings me back to the reply i still owe you (and i hope to get back to that thread soon): GeoRSS as it currently exists is not all that great and guidelines like the ones you proposed would be a very useful first step. but overall, i think GeoRSS needs a major revision, cleaning up the location model, producing a well-defined spec, and making the format extensible in a well-defined way. and then we can also start calling it GeoAtom.

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