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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


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Kurt Cagle


In my experience, most professional people have an appallingly limited degree of understanding about the way that the web really operates, even at the CIO level (and don't even think about the non-technical CxO level ... it's scary how many CEOs have absolutely no clue about the core technology of the company that they are ostensibly in charge of).

RESTful implementations I suspect may be more secure in the long run - they generally provide fewer opportunities for mischief, and the shift from an RPC to an XML pipeline model also cuts down significantly on the need to potentially expose access to binary code (or to evaluate XML in any context beyond XML). Unfortunately, its also a model that some fairly large interests see as threatening, and as such as a concept RESTful programming is fighting some fairly stiff headwinds. Combine ignorance, turf wars and the risk of trying something new, and I figure that we'll still be fighting these battles a decade from now.

BTW, http://www/XMLToday.org is up and running, if not yet quite fully functional.

-- Kurt

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