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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


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Peter Keane

This is a great idea on many levels. I will be watching w/ interest!

Sean Gillies

Ugh. RDBMS column specification?

Count me in for help with geocoding and aggregating.

Andrew Turner

/me raises his hand to help out where possible as well.

I agree that linking to the more 'opaque' formats like Excel and PDF are not ideal - but at least it's getting in the right direction. It's been a long push to get to this point where the idea of "feeds" even shows up in requirements.

Having normalized GeoRSS Atom feeds would be *tremendous*. That's something we could pipe through GeoCommons and compare against other data that was also left strewn about in opaque formats (you know who you are shapefile).

Kesava Mallela

do you know if there any European or any other international authority doing it better? Would love to see how they do it.

Kesava Mallela

also, is giving up control over data/feeds giving up control over their department? if so, I dont expect many depts to go full throttle even if Obama wants it so.

Nat Wharton

@Kesava, we can track those who do not comply with the feed requirement. It will be interesting to see if social pressure will drives participation... Cheers all, Nat


@andrew: i agree that seeing feeds in requirements is encouraging. but then again, it worries me to see it so poorly designed. and it would not have been such a hard task to make it at least quite a bit better. and if all of this turns out to be not all too great because of the poor design, people will point at feeds and say: "see, those feeds are not all that great, i knew it all the time."

and then it won't matter for many looking at this believing that it was the feeds and not the way they were used. maybe (actually, hopefully) i am overly paranoid here, but it happens quite a bit that people blame technologies for scenarios where these technologies were simply used poorly.

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