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Monday, September 22, 2008


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the search widget on the right sidebar seems to directly pipe you to Google Site Search and returns whatever Google managed to index. which doesn't seem to be much of a search feature, so much as "go Google it", losing whatever context or metadata Typepad might already have about its own blog posts.


@yliu: the sidebar is a primitive hack (not even supported by TypePad) to have at least a searchable site for users. even this hack suffers from the bad bad publication structure (numbered pages with posts migrating between page numbers, no overview pages) of the blog, but at least google know how to search.

the search i was writing about is the search on the authoring pages, where authors can (in theory) search their own posts and then for example edit them. this search is an internal TyepPad feature and suffers from the problems described in my post.

but now that you've brought the reader-facing search to my attention: looking at how TypePad structures the published blog, and how it should be done if you wanted to do it in a more web-friendly way, also would be an interesting topic... stay tuned...

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