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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


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Peter Keane

Hi Erik-

This specification is somewhat more limited in functionality than you describe. It is meant to specify how you post a media file to an AtomPub "media collection" and send along some metadata with that. It is not meant to describe a way to upload multiple files -- just one file plus some metadata in atom format. This would typically NOT be a blog post, since the AtomPub model talks about "Entry" resources and "Media" resources. This spec only deals with media resources.

It's a good and necessary spec, but it is limited in scope. How one posts to an "Entry" collection with media cargo that will go into a "Media" collection AND be linked from the new entry remains to be figured out. It's why I have been looking at Media RSS and Google feedLink as possible ways to express a collection of media that is nested in an Entry.

best regards-
Peter Keane

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