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Saturday, March 29, 2008


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Roy T. Fielding

I agree that the triangle is useless -- I don't know where it came from or why it persists in spite of the lack of authority. I should probably get a wikipedia account and fix the misinformation once and for all.

In regards to language, however, we have been using that analogy for a long time (hence, "nouns" and "verbs"). I gave a presentation at WebNet`99 about REST in terms of a metaphor for human communication. Unfortunately, I can't post the slides because I used some images as example representations and forgot to track the copyrights.


roy, thanks a lot for your comment! i definitely did not want to create the impression that i came up with idea of talking about "nouns" and "verbs". all i wanted to talk about was the question of whether the particular richness and extensibility of natural language is based on that general pattern of a natural language structuring communications into names and nouns and verbs. but as i said, my linguistic skills are so bad that i don't even know whether this actually is a pretty common pattern for natural languages, or whether there are radically different natural languages, maybe even some with a more "API-like" language structure. i would be very interested to learn more about this, though...

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