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Saturday, February 16, 2008


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J Wynia

I also went looking only to be disappointed. I'm personally working on a C#/ASP.NET implementation of the server, but it's still in the prototype and design stage at this point.

Ian Bicking

I had the same intuition as you, that a general store could be useful, without being hooked up into some larger system (like WordPress). But I haven't actually confirmed that intuition. In the process I did write my own Atompub server: http://blog.ianbicking.org/2007/09/12/flatatompub/ (written in Python) -- it has limited extensibility, in part because I'm not sure how extensible a server *should* be. Storage is boring; flat files are good enough. Indexing is interesting, and that is extensible.

But I dunno, I haven't actually found the right opportunity to use this, so I don't know if it's really extensible enough as is.

Sylvain Hellegouarch

What I'd be more interested in these days is a XForms application that could be plugged onto an AtomPub server and provide a rich frontend to such web service.


I ever tried a php implementation called Isotope. It's quite a neat PHP implementation of Atom Publishing Protocal(now AtomPub).Unfortunately, the author had stopped further development of the frame for a long time.


Isaac Mao

and another on on Google Code, http://code.google.com/p/php-atompub-server/source/checkout

Eric Larson

I personally use Amplee as a backend for Bright Content[1]. At the moment it simply just wraps the Amplee storage and indexing in a slightly simpler interface. The result is a rather easy way of creating AtomPub based stores for different applications. Bright Content powers my blog but I also created a small accounting application and a wiki-ish CMS.

The key is using the indexes. This allows you to create an AtomPub interface while still using the entries how you need to. For example, in one scenario, I use the atom:categories to filter feeds, where in another instance I'm able to version documents. Bright Content as an application aims to be a RESTful CMS, but at the moment the storage library and model has been very flexible. Overall the model of a generic AtomPub store with indexes makes for creating the HTTP interfaces and checking/filtering a snap.

[1] http://xml3k.org/Bright_Content/

Adnan Masood

There is BlogSVC in C# by Jarrett Vance (http://www.blogsvc.net/)

Introduction from BlogSVC's website:

BlogSvc is an open source implementation of the Atom Publishing Protocol. It has a flexible design that allows entries to be stored in files or databases. The service is compatible with Live Writer.

BlogSvc is written in C# 3.5, uses the new web programming model in WCF, and relies heavily on LINQ and other new language features. BlogSvc can be used with or without IIS.

BlogSvc includes a front-end implemented as a cutting edge web site in ASP.NET. It uses web standards and has neat new features built with jQuery.


While reading this I also decided to start my own implementation of AtomPub server framework in php. Take a look http://code.google.com/p/atom-php-framework/


atomserver is a Java implemented Atompub server. See http://www.infoq.com/articles/atomserver


There's also Atom Hopper:


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