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Thursday, January 10, 2008


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Charles Wilkes

Sounds normal to me based on my Kindle ownership since Dec. 4th. I understood that if the wireless was off, then you would need to charge it every 10 days, whether you used it or not, or whether the main switch was off or not. If the wireless was on the entire time, I think a charge will hold for two days, but run out on the third day.

I have my charger on the night stand next to my bed, as I love to read my Kindle in bed (never could do that with any paper book). And I like to leave both switches on all the time. So I recharge my Kindle every night -- takes less than two hours, but since it switches off when fully charged, it doesn't hurt to leave it plugged in long after it is fully charged.

Kindle says that it is better for continued battery life to recharge it often even though it hasn't used up its full charge, than to let it go fully discharged before recharging. This is different from other rechargeable batteries which have memory problems if you don't let it get fully discharged once in a while.


thanks for your comment, charles. that is really surprising, i never had a device that you basically cannot switch off (apart from my watches, maybe), and to me that sounds like an exceptionally bad engineering job. why do they even add a power switch, if it does not fully switch off the device to conserve power?

i am traveling frequently and would like to take the kindle with me without having to carry the charger as well. based on the 30h battery life advertised, i thought the kindle would easily get through all my trips with one charge. but apparently that's not the case.

i have to talk to the amazon support staff and see whether it really is the case that the battery loses its charge so fast, even when switched off. i'll write about it once i find out more.


Every Smartphone seems to have a same problem.
When Wifi Signal is weak, smart devices try to find and connect to that signal. and this process consumes battery very fast.

So, simple solution is Tuning off your wifi option then lock.

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