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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


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i did the same thing..twice...what's the line...shame on ME? Where DID you find refund info on their site?

Exactly - I went through the same procedure of installation and finaly was told that iTunes online shop is not supported in Lithuania:(.
I don't care about iTunes music too much, although it would be nice. Still, it is ridiculous to sell products in the country and not to provide with the software updates. I wouldn't mind to pay $20, even if it is not nice move from Apple and in my opinion ruins Apple's reputation (especially if this update will go for free with the new iPods). Let's wait and we will see.


u only get the apps like mail and weather if u buy the $20 dollar upgrade. the version 1.1.3 is an update not an upgrade thats why it is free just like all the other updates but the one with the apps is an UPGRADE thats why u dont have any of the new apps on ur touch

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