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Sunday, December 02, 2007


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right! i fully agree. the main problem behind the whole kindle story is - beside technical deficiencies - that sellers of drm-content still don't realize that consumers are not willing to pay the high prices they charge for drm-stuff - with lower usability and functionality.
sellers still believe, cosumers are willing to pay some astronomic prices just for the fact of getting the digital stuff they otherwise wouldn't get (see example frankfurter allgemeine zeitung) without the ''beneficial'' invention of drm which makes digital content tradable. but that's not how consumers decide: obviously they prefer to live without that additional stuff - everybody ending up in a lose-lose situation. consumers don't get more choices, sellers don't sell more stuff and the content-producers (like frankfurter allgemeine zeitung) can't spread their value any further. it's all about pricing...

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