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Monday, November 19, 2007


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I'm thinking about getting one too... it would be great if you could post your thoughts when you've played with it enough. I'm really interested in if I could just throw a bunch of PDFs (acaemic papers) and have plenty to keep me busy.


doesn't support PDF?!?!?!?!


no kindle yet, but some email from amazon, a pointer to my kindle account on their web site, and pricing info for magazines and newspapers. for some reason, the newspapers are much more expensive than the magazines.

Frankfurter Allgemeine: $14.99 / month
Washington Post: $9.99 / month
Wall Street Journal: $9.99 / month
New York Times: $13.99 / month
San Francisco Chronicle: $5.99 / month
Time: $1.49 / month
Atlantic Monthly: $1.25 / month

and of course you also pay for blogs... so as i suspected, there is no free content on the kindle. even when you are sending yourself email attachments (which uselessly enough are restricted to word documents and images) you are being charged for each email.

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