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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


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actually, the duplicated navigation buttons are still there, they only have migrated from one side of the display to the other. so now they are at least a bit farther apart (and available to the left as well as the right hand, if you hold the device with both hands), which makes them appear a little less redundant than on the PRS-505...


this is just too good to not include it here. this is what sony (this is from the reader product page on the sony web page) sees as the most dramatic improvements of their new product. read, enjoy (i did not change anything!), and judge for yourself:

# The User interface is much improved with:

* Page turn buttons moved the right side of the Reader
* The Numerical numbers now match up against the screen so when menus are displayed the appropriate button is to the right of the entry.
* The Menu key is now by itself and clearly marked
* The Jog stick is gone replace with four way arrow buttons and a center enter button.

from the same page there is one good thing to note, though, and this is that it is now possible to simply use the reader as a USB drive, without the need to use the Connect software as the only means to transfer data to and from the reader.

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