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Sunday, October 21, 2007


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Totally. Fuck that asshole.


1) Don't use the word biker, its too confusing. 2) I was thinking of this situation happening with a car (lots of college kids around) or a motorcycle and was trying to figure out what to do. Its all fun and games (not) until someone gets hurt. Did you get the license plate? One thing I don't like about motorcycles is their license plates are too small to see. They ride and act with impunity.


I heard about this incident Sunday afternoon from a guy who rode past the aftermath that morning. Since then, I've been frustrated to find very little information on it, especially since that road is just over a year fresh from a bicyclist fatality involving another hit-and-run moto incident.

WAS A POLICE REPORT FILED? And PLEASE have all first-hand witnesses to the incident (and the victim, of course -- if possible) provide all the specifics of this incident to the EAST BAY BICYCLE COALITION.

I'm sorry to hear about this and I hope your friend heals well and completely.


I am a cyclist and a motorcyclist, and an attorney who represents both. I hate to learn of such an ugly incident. This makes us all look bad. Motorcyclists have so much more room to pass, so it is clear that this conduct was nothing short of intentional. I am not trolling for cases, so please do not take this the wrong way, but we represent motorcyclists and cyclists, usually when they are hit by cars, but sometimes when they are hit by motorcyclists as well. Perhaps your cyclist riding partner has not thought about this aspect of the accident, but he probably has uninsured motorist coverage through his own auto policy. He should consult with an attorney who specializes in bicycle accidents. Making a claim will not heal the broken bones, but some compensation would certainly help with the medical bills and wage loss and the inconvenience. And you never know. One day you might identify the culprit and it would be good to make him accountable. Good luck to your partner.


did you get the make and model of the motorcycle and what he was wearing? helmet/clothes colors?

post it and i'll keep an eye out. what a jerk. hope your friend heals quickly.

one of my friends got mugged and beat in the face w/ a baseball bat a couple of months ago near 63rd/telegraph. have to find those assholes too!


Sorry to hear about your buddy but why are you riding abreast? So dangerous. I am not saying this is his fault but you need to take steps to prevent injury. Being right doesn't make you any less injured.

"others might want to read on to learn more about bikers' attitudes and road manners in the land of the free..."

Are you seriously implying that all bikers have this attitude? The machine made him do it!

"They ride and act with impunity."

Yeah, critical mass and downtown cyclists follow ALL the rules of the road.

BTW, SUVs try to kill me every day. And I don't have spandex-shoving karma points against me.


So how many people were knocked over by cars today?

While the ire of the person who was injured is more than understandable, smearing all motorcyclists (which is what this quickly turns into) is not going to help your cause. I find it ironic that someone can get run over and no one so much as bats an eye over the fact that they were killed by a car but a motorcyclist runs into someone/pushes them and all of the sudden everyone's up in arms over it.

While i respect the ability of the bicyclists to ride 2 abreast down a road, did it ever occur to you that holding up traffic in such a manner, especially if your bike is weaving while you're "sprinting up the hill" may cause some angst as well? I can't count the number of times i've come around a corner and seen 4 bicyclists riding across the road at 20-30mph under the speed limit. When you're not able to maintain the speed limit through the corners, or up a hill, it's not a good idea to move to the middle of the road.

Yes, this motorcyclist was a total douchebag. But please don't smear that across all motorcyclists, anymore than you would do so if that person was driving a car. To assume that every motorcyclist acts like this is totally, amazingly ignorant and frankly, quite retarded.


I am a motorcyclist and I hope to hell that guy on the motorcycle is caught and prosecuted. And just to provide some perspective, motorcyclists like that are few and far between. But there are still some really fucked up people out there. In all kinds of jobs and activities. There's no excuse.

For many years before I took up motorcycling, I was an avid bicyclist. I used to ride extensively in the Palo Alto area and up and over the mountains to the coast. I was no slouch on a road bike. That said, I'd like to echo what another bicyclist commented on earlier, and that's the issue of riding two or three abreast. It's just not smart and as I recall, it's illegal also unless you're passing another cyclist. Too many times when I'm driving or riding I find cyclists either two or three abreast or even if they're riding solo, they're out in the middle of the lane. FTW??? When I used to ride, we all road single file and kept to the right of the road as much as possible. Not just because it was the legal thing to do or the polite thing to do, but also because it was the safest thing to do. I don't get cyclists nowadays. Once upon a time when cycling wasn't so pervasive, cyclists took their cycling seriously. All aspects. Especially their own safety. So, I'm taking this opportunity to ask all cyclists out there to consider where they are riding and how they are riding on the road. For their own safety.

I'm glad that they cyclist that went down is going to be OK. Heal fast, dude. And I sure hope you and the police find the motorcylist who did that. Please don't paint all motorcyclists with the brush provided by that asshole motorcyclist. And remember that probably the vast majority of motorcyclists used to ride bicycles a lot. And a very many still do. We are bretheren on two wheels.


I ride a motorcycle pretty much every day. Please understand that while there are a few jackholes out there, they DO NOT represent the majority of the motorcycling public. Personally, I'm appalled by such behavior, and the offender should be caught, and brought to account for his actions.

Publicly wishing harm to someone is equally appalling. An eye for an eye only results in two half-blind people. Let's hope that your suggesting he be run down is in jest.

I hope your friend heals quickly and is well enough to ride soon.

dan power

i rode my bike to skyline college the other day and saw some flowers by the side of the road. does anyone know if a cyclist has died recently around there?

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