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Monday, August 27, 2007


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New iPhone Owner

This worked for me. I've got a WEP and MAC Address secured network. The $ worked, however, I don't know if it is going to remember the hex code, which is long.

This worked the first time for me as well. I have letter/number hex key

John Dude

It did also work for me!! :) Hex key contained both digits and numbers. I just needed to add a "$" at the beginnig


This article is the first thing that shows up when you search on google for iphone hex wep key.

The $ doesn't work for me. I was able to get my hex key in by entering 0xb72d110b5e2c3c0e1a7e36e23b in the password field.

Frank Bonono

The $ worked for me!!! Thanks!!!


I just wanted to say thanks for this article. My iphone has been outright restarting itself over and over again whenever it connected to the home wireless network since I got it. I used the dollar sign and it's all fixed and working now.

Thanks for the help!


Worked for me, with a key containing digits and letters. Thank you!


I got mine working by making the letters lower case, weird as the phone always displays upper, so needed to press the little up arrow before each alpha charactor. Didn't need the $


thanks, J, for your comment. but the thing that really seems to confuse the iPhone are hex passwords consisting of numbers only, in which case lower- or uppercase does not apply. my Wi-Fi still does not work, and i don't think that Apple will ever bother to fix that problem. but having a number-only hex key places you in a very small group, so it's probably just not worth for Apple to clean up the problem they created in 1.0.1.


For those who couldn't get it to work.... just use a WPA password and make it strong. WEP is not needed for a lousy home network. if your WPA has upper/lowercase and alpha/digits. it won't be cracked unless you are uber-hacker of the planet. Wake up people!


I tried with the dollar sign and no good. So I thought what if try the Euro sign?Now tells me it is connected but it isn't. I can't use the Truphone internet phone application and it automatically gors on to the phone company's data server.

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