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Friday, July 20, 2007


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"Disposable Information"? Suppose we should all just read accessible text and forget about You Tube, Pandora and many, many others. Jakob Nielsen will be our supreme ruler and any violation of standardista rules will result in a swift caning..

No, seriously though, I'm full on board with the semantic web. Full-on Flash web sites are almost always wrong. But Flash as an enhancement, a web animation tool, or for streaming audio/video - it's the best solution we have at this point. With AJAX, it's probably not first choice for text-heavy RIAs, but still, it's great to have choices!

Bottom line, no one would suggest getting rid of jpegs just because they're "closed" and I think the same applies to Flash when used in the right context..


brian: thanks for your comment. i certainly agree that for media types which do not have good support on the web as it is (mostly video and audio, and if you really think you need this, animated menus making obnoxious sounds), flash is an acceptable solution. but using flash for playing video and audio is a far cry from what it can do and what it is marketed for, it is intended and used as a complete application platform. jpegs are bitmaps and nothing else, and i would certainly object to people embedding application navigation and logic in jpeg, if that were possible.

and please don't get me started with the semantic web, which for me definitely is not the alternative to flash. i just want well-defined well-named well-designed declarative resources, and i don't believe that we can create something that will also make them universally describable. but that, of course, is a whole other issue...

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