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Sunday, July 15, 2007


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Holy crap!
I just got that message and am completely disabled. This sucks. Tried power cycling several times, .. even wifi wont pick up.
JUST happened.

Hrm.. wonder if it will reset by morning..

This sucks. ATT & Apple should serriously get it together.


I am in Los Angeles and I find that the ATT Edge network is horrible. I love the iPhone, but this network is really bad.

I get the "could not activate Edge" message sometimes several times a day - I've called, and of course ATT has nothing useful to say about the issue.


I get that message consistently in certain areas of cincinnati. Full bars, but I guess my tower doesn't support edge. You mentioned wanting to force the iPhone to retry connecting... I use the 3rd party "Services" application to disable and re-enable edge... But it doesn't make a difference.

Sometimes when I re-enable I get a message that my network settings are corrupted, prompting me to choose a data provider from the available towers... But I think this is probably my app's fault, rather than apple or AT&T.


This is very bad. ATT offers no help! I've been without the EDGE network today (20 Nov.) for over four (4) hours. This is unacceptable.


I live in Portland, OR and we've been without a stable EDGE signal for almost a week now, from right before Thanksgiving to this very moment. I've called AT&T and they were no help whatsoever.


Another AT&T victim in Portland, OR. I have been without Edge use for nearly a week. But, I only had the Edge 'E' disappear Friday. I began getting the "Could not activate EDGE" message soon after. It is not sporadic. Edge is gone completely. And, no, this is not a hacked iPhone.

Same thing here in Columbus, OH. Full bars, but EDGE has been dead for 3 days now.


I'm on O2 (UK) and my iPhone has the E logo in the corner, plus 5 bars, and I've started getting the "Canould not activate EDGE" message this morning.

iPhone back to shop tomorrow if it persists (we're protected if something doesn't do what it says on the tin)


Hello everybody, I have the same problem here in New Jersey, I bought the apple iphone 3 weeks ago, and this is the 2nd time this happens.I just got the message"Could not active EDGE". But i do have all the bars of signal, and the problem always appears when im in my house. Att network is horrible and it is suppose to be "the most reliable network". Im really disappointed of Att, the iphone is great but att sucks.

satheesh krishnan

I could not activate EDGE in my iphone the message is saying you are not subscribed to EDGE. pls send me the mail how to activate


Houston Tx.. Been getting "Could .... Edge" for 3 days now.

no edge in Austin

same still months later in Austin, TX

AT&T sux the big one

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