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Friday, May 18, 2007


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Hi,I live in Japan, of course I'm Japanese and be into trail running.
I'm thinking to want running in Yosemite some day,so I found your blog.
My desire about trail running is stronger when I read your blog.I'm going to check your blog,so let me know your favorite trail running by your blog.


katsu: thanks for your comment. my favorite trail definitely was the glacier point one, the way up is much easier than the steep trail next to yosemite falls, the views from glacier point are just breathtaking, and the way down is very gentle, compared to other trails. if you want to go for a really long run, you can extend the loop with a half dome out and back from nevada falls, but this would add quite a bit of distance and elevation to the run. this extended version probably would be the definitive yosemite valley trail run, but i would expect it to take at least 7 hours, including a lot of climbing. and not much water along the way, glacier point and that's about it...

another run i'd really like to do one day is something involving north dome, either making a loop from the valley, using the yosemite falls trail and the trail going into tenaya canyon, or a one-way trip from the valley to olmsted point (the other end of tenaya canyon), but that would require advanced transportation planning, because it is quite a drive from the valley to olmsted point...


Hi! Im visiting California from Europe (originally South Africa). I intend to drive to Yosemite this weekend (from Mountain View) to see the area, the trees, and hopefully do some trail running. At this point I need to book accommodation. Might you have some tips as to what I should be looking for? I should probably pick up a book or a map of the area somewhere...



I ended up doing most of (4). Lovely stuff! Stayed in Curry Village, in an unheated tent: bring a sleeping bag if you do that in Autumn, would be warmer than the bedding that was available. Brrrr! Or, book in advance so that you don't have to take the only thing that's left. ;-)


@Hugo: good to hear you enjoyed the stay and the glacier point trail run! with parts of curry village now being closed permanently, accommodation in yosemite will become even more difficult... even though it is a truly great place, the crowds and the difficulty of finding a place to stay are a bit off-putting sometimes. however, once you're there and more than 20min away from the valley floor, it gets more quiet and usually is still a very rewarding experience. the only possible exception may be the path between the valley and nevada falls, which can be very crowded all the way up to the falls.

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